Farmer Facilitation

Grain Stories strives to help farmers.

Grain Stories is working with numerous farmer groups in Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Raichur, Tumkur, Chintamani in Karnataka. We also work with farmers in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala, Rajasthan, Assam, Haryana, Uttarkhand, West Bengal. Grain Stories facilitates the following to help the farmers.


Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products. Many farmers these days are aware of organic farming but lack the knowledge when it comes to certifying their lands and produce. We create awareness as to why the certification is required, how it helps and how they can acquire better rates with the certification. We coordinate between the farmers and the certifying agencies.

Seed Incubation

Farmers follow crude methods to store the seeds. These seeds cannot be kept viable for a long term as it is difficult due to their moisture content. It requires low temperature to store them. We connect the farmers to the Urban Seed Banks wherein they can deposit their seeds. These seed banks help them to store the seeds dry and at low temperatures. This increases the shelf life of the seeds. The farmers can withdraw the seeds as and when it is required. Grain Stories educates the farmers as to what kind of seeds can be stored in these banks and the facilities available at these Seed Banks. We bring together the farmers and seed banks.

Buyback Guarantee

Grain Stories’ job doesn’t end at just creating awareness, we understand the toil a farmer has to go through to receive the right pricing for their produce. In order to resolve this issue, we buyback the farmers produce at a fair price. This engagement with the farmers is a long-term association. Hence, we have been able to build the trust over the years.

Support Group

We support the farmers by bringing in experts to advise them about various innovations in farming methods, new farming equipment, field mapping, soil sampling and crop scouting.

Grain Stories strives in its capacity as much as it can to help the farmer groups.

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